NORTHERN ESCAPE HELISKIING / New Program Launch- Unlimited Vertical!

We met spoke with John Forrest General Manager of Northern Escape Heliskiing on the launch of their new program Unlimited Vertical.

“We’re rolling out a new Unlimited Vertical Option! It’s unlike any other Unlimited package because not only do you get unlimited vertical, but  we guarantee all the vertical you purchase. If you don’t reach the new guaranteed minimum vertical, you get a credit for the difference.”

Going deep on vertical
Ian Morrison @ Northern Escape Heliskiing / Photo: Paul Morrison

1)     So what was the thinking behind this new offering?

Unlimted skiing, as it was, just didn’t seem like a fair deal for our guests so we always shied away from it. It always seemed to make better sense to purchase more if you wanted more. It was more like one of those sleight of hand tricks where you really never knew where the ball was, but you kept on trying to win… If you skied a lot, you won the vertical lottery, but if you didn’t, you paid extra and didn’t get any extra…

Thus we decided on a TWIST to Unlimited Vertical. You have all the upside with Unlimited vertical and no extra vertical charges, AND we increase the minimum vertical guarantee so that if you don’t use all that you’ve paid for, it’s credited toward you next package with us – No down side!

2)     What is the most amount of vertical you have ever seen from a guest trip?

Well, it varies a lot, but our average is around 160,000 per week. With our Snowcat Back-up we ski/ride every day, Zero Down Days and that has increased our weekly vertical, that and the fact that we ski a full day every day and our “week” packages are really 7 full days of skiing. That said, you asked the most vertical that I have ever seen in a week, well, I’ve personally skied over 100,000 in a day with a couple groups and I believe the most vert I ever saw in a week was over 300,000!

3)     What else is new this season?

This season we have expanded our Snowcat Back-up terrain by about 30%. It’s already the size of a stand-alone snowcat skiing area, but we only use it for days when it’s snowing so hard the heli can’t fly. We also purchased a new fleet of Prior Overload skis for our guests!

Ian Morrison getting some vertical at Northern Escape Heliskiing / Photo Paul Morrison

Press Release:

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing is pleased to announce the introduction of its New Unlimited Vertical Option!

With our new Snowcat back-up and with ZERO down days, we find that we are skiing more than ever. The age old vertical guarantees that we have all used for years just isn’t sufficient. With 7 full days of skiing we now easily average 140,000 vertical feet in a week. Really fat skis have likely had an impact as well…

Thus, we have developed the Unlimited Vertical Option and it’s just that, an option. Stick with the Classic Package base price and the standard vertical or opt for the Unlimited Vertical option without the risk that you pay extra up front and may or may not be able to utilize it.

Classic Package – Unlimited Vertical Option

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing is proud to offer an Unlimited Vertical Option with a twist. It’s Unlimited skiing/riding AND your minimum vertical guarantee is increased. We guarantee every extra meter you purchase. There are never any extra vertical charges, and if you don’t utilize all of the additional vertical included at the end of your trip, you are credited the difference against your next trip with us. It’s Unlimited Vertical without the risk of over paying!

Prices for The Unlimited Vertical Option:

7-day pkg – add $1,980, increases vertical guarantee to 145,000 vertical feet

5-day pkg – add $1,400, increases vertical guarantee to 104,000 vertical feet

4-day pkg – add $1,125, increases vertical guarantee to 83,000 vertical feet

3-day pkg – add $835, increases vertical guarantee to 62,000 vertical feet

Remember! Ski as much as you can, within our regular ski day, and never pay any additional extra vertical charges. If you don’t use all the additional vertical in the option, you’ll receive a credit for that amount towards your next package with us.


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