The Scent of La Nina

The Year of the Dog is a Bitch named is La Nina
"This season should be hailed: "Year of the Dog " a Bitch named La Nina" Adventure Source Dogsled Tours/ Photo: Kyla Butchko

With all the snow reports flying in of 2-3m bases  with delicious photos to appease your growing powder hunger as the season draws near.

With Social Media like an microwave dinner.. to be consumed immediately. Powder updates are posted to everyone’s menu: blog/facebook and tweet.

You don’t have to be a blood hound to smell an Season of Epic proportions (or at least the start of one)..

You just need to look at your news feed and see the never ending stream of stoked messages and eye candy.

Give this dog a bone.. even just a doggie treat cause she is either in heat or starved for a second helping.


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