HELISKIING in Canada / The Journey

Last Frontier Heliskiing / George Rosset

When we think of Heliskiing we always just seem to focus on the powder the lodges and terrain.

To me the journey is part of the entire experience. People underestimate how that impacts your trip.

Heliskiing Road trip / Photo: Scott Martin
Heliskiing Road trip / Photo: Scott Martin

The anticipation and the excitement and you get closer to your powder destination can be madening yet a big part of what makes it all worth while.

Including packing the truck.. its all nice and organized but by the time I get back from each trip its total chaos.


Traveling with friends can be a highlight… and my last road trip I had such great company it made the time fly by.  And if you “Safely” can snap a few photos that can document your journey that is a total bonus. This Instagram from my new friend Willie posted shortly after our arrival was just yet another reminder that the journey is really a big part of the whole experience.

Photo: Lisa Gover
Photo: Lisa Gover

Or am I just trying to make myself feel better about the white knuckle drives and snowy roads? Maybe. I kinda can’t wait for the drive to be over but I admit it.. The I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Journey is worth it anyway.


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