HELISKIING CANADA CUISINE / Getting your energy level up

New Clif Bar
New Clif Bars / Photo: Heliskiing Canada

Ok I am buzzing with energy…its now a couple hours after I tasted my White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar and the Coconut Chocolate Chip bar.. Both sent to me to test and give feedback. Well.. I gotta say… they taste really great.. In fact I can say honestly say I would eat these in the future when I am looking to get some serious energy. I am going to add this to my Pre- Heliskiing trip plan. I prefer the Chocolate Chip ones over the Macadamia Nut ones.. they are a bit richer.. mind you I think I would like them for breakfast more. I could barely finish the second bar.. I was so full but have a ton o energy now and give it 2 ski glove thumbs up!

The one main reason I decided to post this is that I have been on way too many trips and find some of the guests who come out Heliskiing way under prepared for a day of Heliskiing.. if your gonna drop the amount of vertical you get in the heli.. then you gotta be prepared! There has been alot of people who were just plain zapped for energy and just not ready for the amount of skiing you can get in a day.

Taking a energy break at RK Heliskiing / Photo: Kyle Hamilton
Taking a energy break at RK Heliskiing / Photo: Kyle Hamilton

I love it.. but I start my next season training and prep in April up till Dec. so I am ready to go. I might suggest adding these things into your mix so you can go bang out all the runs your legs can handle.

Just a suggestion…. and if nothing else.. they taste amazing.


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