HELISKIING CANADA @ Mike Wiegele Heliskiing

Mike Wiegele Heliskiing / Blue River B.C.
Mike Wiegele Heliskiing / Blue River B.C.

Located in Northern B.C. in a town called Blue River is a world renowned Heliskiing destination affectionately known as “Wiegele World”.  This is no ordinary place as its named after its owner Mike Wiegele who is respected for his countless contributions to Heliskiing/ Skiing / Avalanche forecasting /Ski Safety and exceptional customer service.  Now that is no small undertaking. Having the opportunity to meet the staff and guests at his operation and then to have some one on one time with Mr. Wiegele  it became very apparent how he has built a amazing reputation and powder empire of excellence.


His love for the mountains and guest safety and experience transcends his entire operation and you really feel like there is some deep history and success due to his passion.

Spacious Cabin
Spacious Cabin

The digs were pretty down right sweet.  This place knows how to cater for sure… every detail you can think of has been carefully taken care of to make your visit exceptional.


Likely the biggest Pro Shop I have seen in Heliskiing.


The first day we got into some terrain deep in the southern Monashee’s part of their tenure.. and then the second day we were in some classic lines as our guides called it on the second day.


For lunch we got to hang at their mountain side mini lodge for fresh sandwich’s and soup. The view (even of the outhouse) was stunning as you walked around the balcony getting a clear image of the possibilities that surround you.


The trip was a great way to end the season. With the last photo of the season (just after this one) being featured on GoPro it just could not have been a better ending to a season! Thanks so much goes out to the Staff, my guides Bob and Jordan and Jeff for hosting me.

And Mike, for taking the time to get to know me and share this great place with me and the rest of the word!

For more check out their site at www.Wiegele.com


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