Heliskiing Faceshots / Skier vs Snowboarder

Skier vs Snowboarder /Photo: Kyle Hamilton
Skier vs Snowboarder /Photo: Kyle Hamilton















Its always a discussion, a ongoing battle of opinion. Who is better in the powder? Which tool is better?  Who has more fun?

Well the more we film both skier and snowboarder the less we really think about it. In fact having a mix group has its advantages..

One such advantage is that both find lines very differently, which leaves more open opportunities (mind you this is really a mute point since everyone gets a fresh line)

However in the trees and free riding its actually a nice change.

Personally, I like the flow and subtle rivalry of mix groups.

However, its also so great to ride with a full group of either type of “rider/skier” as it in a way has its own group energy or vibe.

Birds of a feather... Photo: Kyle Hamilton
Birds of a feather… Photo: Kyle Hamilton









We at Heliskiing Canada are a mix bag and don’t really care because the line choices may be different…

Photo: Kyle Hamilton
Photo: Kyle Hamilton

But the lines from laughing our asses off are all the same.

Viva la “Ski-boarder”


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