Gearing up for the Season

Most people have no real understanding of how much effort operations invest in setting up each season to ensure all the guest experience is 100% from the first tour.

As we arrived to Great Canadian Heliskiing our adventure began on the first night.

Photo: Steve Dutcheshen
Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

Our crew pulled in early evening just before dinner off of the Transcanada highway in Rodgers Pass to Great Canadian Heliskiing.


This was no ordinary film trip, this was a great opportunity to get a behind the scenes look into what it takes to get an operation up and ready for a season.

Product demonstrations and Lodge Meetings / Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

From the moment we walked into the lodge  we could see the various departments  meeting in different areas of the lodge talking about everything from Product knowledge to Safety.

Oh… in that last picture… what did you notice?

Look closer.. might make you laugh.

Safety Meeting / Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

As a visitor observing all of this activity it’s a bit overwhelming, and it felt like a bee hive, organized chaos.


It was really interesting to see all the different aspects of an operation working together under one “roof” sorta speak, as we are used to a typical day, and everyone is scattered providing essential services to different areas of the operation.

Hand on training in lodge / Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

Watching all this going on before we even started Day 1 was fantastic.  It was alot to take in and we were ready to head to bed to start our official first day of filming….

Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

We were quickly shown to their new private cabins….. and needless to say they are down right  SUITE (SWEET) !

New Great Canadian dream Cabins! / Photo; Steve Dutcheshen

We will be doing a article in the Calgary Herald (out soon) to get a close look at photographer Steve Dutcheshen as he showcases these dream accommodations …


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