Canada’s Golden Heliskiing Destination

Like desperate panhandler’s,for powder, we struck gold at Purcell Heliskiing a family run operation.


Every once in awhile we stop and pinch ourselves when we get to have a “one of a kind experience that we will not soon forget”.  As avid backcountry powder enthusiasts, it is not the snow conditions that shape our views – That is out of any operators control. It certainly helps, but it’s the experience with the guides and their efforts to share a day with you.

We hit pay dirt. Purcell Heliskiing is intimate in experience yet vast in possibilities. With  accesses to over  2,000 square kilometre operating zone each day shared by  only two groups of heli-skiers.

Run by a multi-generation swiss guides this family knows how to make a heliskiing experience, feel like a private intimate pow experience that frankly was one of a kind.

Those swiss… they do everything so well down the last detail. Trust us you feel like a guest, not a customer.



Our Heliskiing Canada team & Laundromat Studios got 2 powder filled days touring around with the family that has deep roots in building the heliskiing industry and a reputation for deep snow and even deeper hospitality.


Is Rudi seriously 70 something? He just hit some air and was hooting and hollering like a teenager and I got it all on camera… I he just inspires me with his youthful stoke this is gonna be a great powder guides episode  – Colleen Gentemann

With an operation started back in 1974 -it’s founder Rudi is as old as heliskiing itself, having been part of developing this industry.  Today the operation now co-lead by his son  together their knowledge of the terrain and guiding is obvious- yet as we reflect on our experience for the first time, we all agreed to one sentiment.


We didn’t get guided – we skied with friends. Of course, they were in full guide mode -but their friendly demeanor and warm dispositions it really felt more like we were just sharing a mind-bending skiing experience.


With a mixed crew of Skiers and snowboarders, we had a true cross section of potential opinions on Purcell. It was basically unanimously voted this place THE Family Heliskiing operation that everyone must make a pilgrimage to at least once in your ski/snowboard lifetime. If not more.

With its location only being just a hop n skip from Calgary, it’s one of the most accessible heliski operations, no logging roads or long drives.. just roll up and ride. So whether you are in yyc and looking for a quick getaway or traveling from far away, and want to maximize your time on vacay.. this will get you the goods in a hurry.

This powder paradise is responsible for the “soon to be famous” hashtag #Bradpitted  You only need to drool over this tasty clip to understand why…

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.08.03 PM



If you have ever dreamed of Heliskiing… well good news, Purcell Heliskiing offers day trips. Personally, we would go for 2-3 days so you can really dial in and maximize your trip, but hey not many places will let you get up for just a day.

Book quick, high season this place sells out if you don’t book early. Call Katie and tell her the Laundromat crew sent you!

She can set you up with some great options to stay in Golden, and if you have family who might like to just ski at a mountain then you can hit the pow while they enjoy a day at Kicking Horse ski resort.



Don’t forget to pack extra goggles and face masks or air holes… you don’t want to choke on all the powder.. underneath our bandit masks..we left with the biggest smiles… bagging pure powder gold.

Just a few hours drive from Calgary International Airport is a day heliskiing operation called Purcell Heliskiing that is golden. Literally.


See more of their adventures on Purcell Heliskiing Instagram. OR Sign up for their sweet Heliskiing Newsletter! HERE  | 1-877-HELI-SKI



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