Powder Guides

An upcoming show that filmed as a documentary of the great personalities behind the scenes making backcountry heliskiing/Catskiing a safe and one of the most exciting experiences on the planet.


Powder Guides is an unscripted series based in the Canadian Backcountry with Catskiing / Heliskiing operations. This first series is just a introduction to the people we meet, as we film this upcoming season we are going to be developing a more in-depth look and interview the personalities and bring them to you unscripted.

We have been filming up there the past few seasons, and what struck us as a filmmakers and storytellers was the PEOPLE. How committed they are to living this life. How they deal with the challenges, the discipline, but also the joy. These are special people living at the edge of human experience…

Of course, Powder Cat-skiing is amazing – it’s something most people will never do in their lives, so we collected a ton of footage that will blow people away – that will transport the audience to connect with the characters we have grown to call our friends.

We had a blast doin’ it. It’s changed our lives. And I think it’ll change yours, too. This is our effort to bring a bit of the personality of the backcountry to you.


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